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PROTE Technologies for our Environment is a company that has been operating in aid of water quality improvement and environment protection in Poland since 1995. Our company renders services at the highest level, implementing projects connected with soil and water protection. Full satisfaction of our Clients is our primary goal in the process of building PROTE brand. We have earned a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy commercial partner offering a complete range of services related to a particular product.

The only company in the environmental protection sector which received 4 Awards TERAZ POLSKA for its products and services.
PROTE in the listing of enterprises crucial for CI (Critical Infrastructure)


PROTE in the listing of enterprises crucial for CI (Critical Infrastructure)

In this unusual pandemic time, the activities of companies, including our company, are often constricted. The restrictions announced by the ...

A Santa Claus campaign for children staying in hospital


A Santa Claus campaign for children staying in hospital

As part of our participation in charity events organized by the "Prekursor Artystyczny” Foundation, this year, PROTE financially supported the ...

SYMBIO at the Researchers' Night 2020


SYMBIO at the Researchers' Night 2020

On November 27, 2020, at 7.00 p.m., as part of the Researchers' Night, the premiere of the film titled "Mussels ...

Emergency Ecological Service 24h
To counteract the growing natural environmental hazards and to help protect the environment we offer you a 24 hour Emergency Ecological Service.
26 Franciszek Firlik str.
60-692 Poznan
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