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PROTE Technologies for our Environment is a company that has been operating in aid of water quality improvement and environment protection in Poland since 1995. Our company renders services at the highest level, implementing projects connected with soil and water protection. Full satisfaction of our clients is our primary goal in the process of building the PROTE brand. We have earned the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy commercial partner offering a complete range of services related to a particular product.

Following the completion of more than 300 projects we have gained the experience necessary to accomplish the subsequent undertakings and have proven ourselves to be dependable, trustworthy and committed. By implementing modern technologies and rendering complex services we help to solve the many problems related to environmental protection and offsetting environmental degradation. Our team consists of specialists in this field, people representing knowledge and experience. Thanks to them the company continuously strengthens its position and develops in the most innovative and ecological solutions. The result of our proprietary process is driven by advanced tools and technologie

We operate according to principles of an integrated management system, which is based on the following norms:

Quality is a manifestation of all of our employees’ active participation in the functioning and constant improvement of our systems. Numerous awards, distinctions, certificates and references confirm the quality of our services. We have been awarded Gold Medals by the International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POLEKO in Poznań, Poland three times (in 2001, 2004 and 2010), as well as two Gold Medals from the Fair of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure TWIS in Kielce, Poland (in 2008 and 2010). We are a triple laureate of the Polish Promotional Emblem "Teraz Polska” in 2007 in the best service category – soil and water environment reclamation, and in 2008 in the best product category – SYMBIO Biomonitoring System as well as in 2011 for PROTE-fos – the comprehensive lakes reclamation service.In 2009 we were nominated for the TERAZ POLSKA Polish Promotional Emblem for SeaQuest - our comprehensive service of water distribution network cleaning. In 2009 and 2010 we received honorable mentions in the Polish Ecology Pantheon competition. We were also awarded a certificate of "Green Brand” and "Polish Ecology Leader”. In 2011 we became a laureate of the GreenEvo –Green Technology Accelerator program under the patronage of the Minister of Environment which aims to promote Polish technologies on foreign markets. We have also received numerous references from our Clients. The above mentioned achievements confirm our full professionalism and effectiveness in carrying out the tasks assigned by our Clients that lead to improvements of the environment in which we live.

Emergency Ecological Service 24h
To counteract the growing natural environmental hazards and to help protect the environment we offer you a 24 hour Emergency Ecological Service.
26 Franciszek Firlik str.
60-692 Poznan
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