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Quality Policy

To ensure the appropriate quality of services, including activities in the field of technology for the environment, as well as an adequate response to the needs of customers, we have implemented, in PROTE Technologies for our Environment LLC an Integrated Management System and we are continuously improving it according to the requirements of the following norms: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 - 10, PN-EN ISO 14001 - 09 and PN-ISO 45001: 2018.

Our goals are:

  • Striving for the expansion of the Company's operations, understood as the maximization of economic effects which determine the development of the Company and its employees,
  • Professional operation of PROTE – Technologies for our Environment LLC as a company offering the best solutions for environmental protection,
  • Preventing the spread of contamination in the soil and water environment through the correct implementation of the process of eliminating contamination,
  • Preventing the occurrence of environmental hazards during the use of chemical preparations in the process of water treatment and improvement of the technical condition of the distribution network, in the process of research and elimination of contamination and the process of reclamation of lakes,
  • satisfaction of all our clients, resulting from correctly implemented contracts, is achieved thanks to the competence, professionalism, and propriety of all employees of PROTE -Technologies for our Environment LLC,
  • Continuous improvement of operating procedures and keeping them up to date as well as expansion of the area of operation in the field of environmental technologies,
  • The use of individual traits of Employees for integrated actions, which are compliant with the rules governing the market,
  • Meeting the requirements of legal regulations and other organizational requirements, supervision over changes in legislation and ongoing correction of existing regulations within the Company,
  • Prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases of employees and persons acting for the Company,
  • Striving to eliminate health and safety hazards and limiting occupational risk, providing employees with optimal working conditions.

Our consistent approach towards implementing the strategy presented above is possible thanks to the management's commitment and broad consultations with the employees who participate in the process. The management board declares to provide adequate resources and means to maintain and improve the implemented Integrated Management System.

Emergency Ecological Service 24h
To counteract the growing natural environmental hazards and to help protect the environment we offer you a 24 hour Emergency Ecological Service.
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