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Site assessment and reclamation

Basic information

Site assessment and reclamation

Our Company specializes in rendering complex services in the field of soil and water environment reconnaissance and reclamation.

To eliminate soil and water environment pollution we apply various methods, depending on the type (petroleum derivatives, heavy metals, other chemical substances) and level of contamination. The methods can be applied individually or they can be complementary towards each other, depending on the type of pollution defined, technical possibilities of the particular area, Client’s individual preferences and other factors which have direct or indirect influence on the decontamination process.

We also render complex services regarding planned investment sites preparation, among which, apart from environment reconnaissance and reclamation, there are earth works, demolition works.

Carrying out projects we manage all administrative and legal formalities before offices and institutions, also representing our Client, endorsing full responsibility.

Soil and water environment reconnaissance

Proper reconnaissance of soil and water environment provides the information on the current environment condition and is vital for working out an environment  reclamation or correction project. An appropriate diagnosis enables us to present a particular ecological problem in detail as well as to choose efficient methods of eliminating soil and ground water contamination.  This is important as it does not only help to achieve an ecological effect , but it also makes it possible to minimize the costs of the environment reclamation process. One of significant aspects of soil and water environment reclamation is our potential Client’s help in providing all necessary information about the history of the particular site, among other things:

  • activity carried out at the site
  • all to date results of the site’s investigations
  • geological, hydrogeological  and other documentation of the site,
  • past events which could influence the process of future reclamation works (e.g. leakages into soil, waste dumps, leaky installations)

Proper diagnosis, taking all above mentioned factors into consideration, allows us to choose appropriate, customized  methods of reclamation works.

Regarding soil and water environment reconnaissance we offer:

  • atmogeochemical investigation
  • drawing of soil and water samples and their laboratory analyses.

Soil and Water Environment Reclamation

To eliminate soil and water environment contamination we aim to use natural methods in the first place for their effectiveness and harmlessness of by-products of the whole purification process.

On behalf of our Client we deal with all necessary administrative formalities concerning reclamation works, correcting or preventive actions.

In-situ reclamation

In-situ reclamation involves carrying out soil and water environment reclamation works in the place where the contamination occurs, without the necessity to move the contaminated soil.

Applying our biological method – Intensive Bioremediation Technology (TIB) – enables us to carry out works at open facilities, without the necessity to close them up. Reclamation works with the use of in-situ method require a longer time.

In Intensive Bioremediation Technology –TIB- we take advantage of the phenomenon of contamination biodegradation to decontaminate soil and ground water. The process of biodegradation is accomplished with the use of microorganisms specially selected from their natural habitat. Thanks to reclamation works carried out with the use of Intensive Bioremediation Technology and supplementary technologies we are able to gradually reduce the contamination, whose by-products are water, carbon dioxide and biomass fertilizing the soil.

In case when free oil product is present on ground waters it is necessary to remove it prior to reclamation works.

Several methods are used to remove the free oil product from ground waters. Most often we apply the following ones:

  • automatic – active pumping systems;
  • passive – passive pumping systems;
  • separating systems.

 Ex-situ reclamation

Ex-situ reclamation method means that reclamation works are performed out of the site where the contamination occurred. It involves extracting  the contaminated soil and its further purification at a convenient time. It also involves ground water purification.

Environment monitoring

Apart from monitoring reclamation works which we carry out we render complex services in the field of environment monitoring by:

  • local monitoring projects
  • piezometers
  • sample collection and laboratory analysis of water samples
  • soil air measurement – atmogeochemistry

We provide relevant reports of the works carried out for our Clients.

Engineering documentation

The documentation of engineering activity includes:

  • reclamation works projects
  • correction works projects
  • geological works projects
  • hydrogeological documentation
  • water quality impact assessments
  • reports of our works’ impact on the environment
  • ecological surveys
  • local monitoring projects
  • other documentation upon the client’s demand


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