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SeaQuest – complex water distribution network cleaning service

Basic information

Why is SeaQuest worth using?

Water sale has been declining for the past ten-odd years. The expenses of Water Distribution Plants are rising due to network age, network type and material of which it is made. Moreover, water stagnation, aggressive properties of water, calcium carbonate in water result in sediments formation and corrosion, which leads to consumers’ discontent, penalties and increasing water production costs. Even if water quality at water treatment facilities is excellent, tap water still does not conform to standards, which results in Clients’ complains and building a negative image of the Water Distribution Plant.
SeaQuest, which has been known worldwide for 20 years, has been used in Poland for ten years. Thanks to our complex service of cleaning sediments and removing corrosion from water distribution networks, the quality of water supplied to Clients conforms to standards described in the Act of the Minister of Healthregarding water quality, what is more, the network is stabilized and the water can be continuously supplied to Clients.
Preventing secondary contamination of water which ruins the effects of water treatment is nowadays the number one issue for Polish Water Distribution Plants. Considering all aspects of water production (health, technological, and economical) we offer you a powerful tool to control the whole water distribution network without investment.

The effects of using SeaQuest preparation

  • Water distribution network is free from sediments and secondary;
  • Tap water at Consumers’ homes meets all quality standards for drinking water;
  • Consumers satisfaction with organoleptic properties of water rises, complaints about water quality are fewer;
  • The cost of water distribution network maintenance declines (hydraulic resistance in the network is reduced, and the appliances at the water treatment plantwork with their nominal scope;
  • A significant reduction of water losses is observed (no need of intervention regarding network rinsing, reduction of the quantity of water used for rinsing)
  • Calcium carbonate on heaters and sanitary appliances at consumers’ homes doesn’t precipitate, which ensures longer life of these appliances and makes it easier to maintain their cleanness and hygiene ;
  • The process of corrosion is halted and new sediments are not formed in the water distribution network;
  • The effectiveness of water disinfection process rises. Water distribution network cleaning makes it possible to reduce doses of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine is not used in reaction with sediments), thus the formation of by-products of water disinfection (THMs) declines;
  • The technical and sanitary condition of water distribution network throughout all its length is improved;
  • Water distribution network’s life is improved;
  • Water parameters in the water distribution network and at consumers’ homes are the same as water parameters after the process of water treatment.

I – period before using SeaQuest- water norms are exceeded.
II – network stabilization period – the beginning of dosing SeaQuest, in the first weeks we observe a sudden decline of color level, stabilization of iron and    manganese concentration, elimination of negative effects of water hardness.
III – period of water distribution network cleaning (3-24 months) – phosphates penetrate sediments’ structure in a controlled way. Softened sediments are removed from the water distribution network by rinsing (2). It results in a further decrease of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) concentration, improved color, lack of Customer complaints, increased effectiveness of disinfection processes, and reduced quantity of water used for rinsing the network
IV – period of maintaining the effect of water distribution network cleaning and halting corrosion processes due to using SeaQuest (from 24 -… months). To maintain the effects it is recommended to use smaller doses of the preparation.

Cooperation schematic

PROTE company provides help and professional consulting services at every stage of dosing SeaQuest. Our attitude to cooperation with a particular water distribution plant is individual and complex. The activities connected with dosing SeaQuest are shown in the schematic.

SeaQuest dosing set

A dosing set automatically applies a proper dosage of SeaQuest to the water supply network. Most often it is a simple installation, whose basic parts are a tank for a 10% SeaQuest solution (about 300-500 l), an electric mixer, and a dosing pump which is controlled with the signal from the flowmeter in proportion to the amount of the water flow.

Attestations, certificates and awards

  • Attestation of the National Institute of Public Healthconfirming that SeaQuest preparation conforms to sanitary standards  and can be used in water distribution networks
  • Safety Data Sheet – the preparation conforms torequirements of Decree no. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council of December 18th 2006 concerning registration, evaluation, permissions and restrictions regarding chemicals (REACH). According to the safety data sheet SeaQuest does not have a negative effect on health or the environment.
  • NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) Certificate – informs that SeaQuest preparation conforms to requirements of NSF 60 standard (Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effect). As part of NSF Drinking Water Additives program certificates are issued for chemical compounds  used worldwide for water treatment and in water systems in order to guarantee these products safety.
  • DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) Certificate of December 18th 1995 – informs that SeaQuest preparation can be used in water supplied as drinking water, water for washing, cooking and food production.
  • Gold Medal of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Fair in Kielce 2010 for our complex service of cleaning and maintenance of water distribution network.
  • Nomination of the Polish Promotional Emblem TERAZ POLSKA Committee in 2009 in the best service category – "Complex service of cleaning and maintenance of the water distribution network”.

How SeaQuest works - animation

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