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SYMBIO – protecting water intakes against sudden contamination

SYMBIO Biomonitoring System is the only fully automatized and maintenance-free system of on-line water monitoring available on the market. It increases water safety in water toxicity terms.

The idea of bioindication
Bioindication is a method which applies living organisms to detect environmental contaminants. The idea has been known from the dawn of history – ancient Romans used trout to control water quality. Miners kept canaries in coal mines, which provided information about the quality of air underground.
Although bioindicators did not deliver information on the type or the intensity ofexposure, their unusual behavior provided general informationabout water or air contamination.

General information
In our system we incorporated the fresh water mussel – Unio tumidus, whose natural reaction to sudden changes of environment parameters  is shell closing. This reaction is fast and unambiguous – a group of mussels close their shells. What is more, the mussels live a sedentary lifestyle, which makes it easy to monitor them.

We monitor the water for 8 milion people

Map of SYMBIO Biomonitoring System installations