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Removing mussels from water systems

Basic information

Mussels of the Dreissena polymorphaspecies (zebra mussels), which settle in water system pipelines, affect functioning of hydraulic appliances. They reduce flow by decreasing the pipes’ inner diameter and water pressure. An effective method (offered by PROTE) of removing zebra mussels from pipelines is based on implementation of chemical substances causing the dissolution of byssal threads, which cement zebra mussels to the internal surfaces of the pipes.Living mussels are carried downstream by the current and are collected on filters where they are easily removed. Other methods (using toxins to kill mussels or heat the water or air) are not selective and can result in death of other living organisms.The use of toxins is also inefficient as it kills the mussels affixed to the inner pipes yet leaves their shells intact, still cemented to the pipe surface by byssal threads. The low effectiveness of these methods is observed with reference to zebra mussels. The method offered by PROTE makes it possible to remove the majority of living mussels from the pipes’ interior.

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