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Waste management

Basic information

Our services include management of dangerous and other than dangerous waste. Among other things we transport, collect and recover contaminated soil.
On the basis of administrative decisions we provide recovery of soil contaminated with petroleum derivatives (dangerous waste, waste code 17 05 03), which is classified as Soil, earth, including stones, containing dangerous substances.
The soil purified in the process of recovering and conforming to standards can be reused.

Additionally we carry out individual projects concerning:
  • waste processing with the use of our own technologies and our own mobile installation
  • waste dumps liquidation enabling changes in land development
Our own mobile processing line enables us to process waste that can be used in other fields of economy.

PROTE Mobile Processing Line

PROTE Mobile Processing Line – it is a specialized, mobile processing line used to process industrial waste. It can take:
  • up to 4 loose wastes or aggregate
  • up to 2 dusty wastes at the same time.
Capacity: up to 300 Mg/h
It does not require a construction permit. Works can be started immediately after the machine arrival. It has its own power supply.



JÓZEF Czechowski

tel. +48 61 654 55 82
mob. +48 668 173 420


SZCZEPAN Mrówczyński

tel. +48 61 654 55 88
mob. +48 600 938 377


tel. +48 61 654 55 83
mob. +48 608 477 080


tel. +48 61 654 55 83
mob. +48 698 177 879


tel. +48 61 654 55 92
mob. +48 662 180 122

Emergency Ecological Service 24h
To counteract the growing natural environmental hazards and to help protect the environment we offer you a 24 hour Emergency Ecological Service.
26 Franciszek Firlik str.
60-692 Poznan
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