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In 2017 PROTE Technologies for our Environment LLC became a distributor of REGENESIS products in Poland. We established cooperation with REGENESIS as we believe that there are wide perspectives to utilize the company’s technologies in the Polish market. Soil and water contamination which is present at great depths is often said to be impossible to remove. Over the last twenty years the REGENESIS company has carried out about 26,000 projects, including complex and difficult remediation with the use of PlumeStop technology. The idea of this solution is based on using liquid activated carbon through injections of the preparation to aquifers in order to create a barrier to plumes of contaminants and monitor the entire remediation process. The scheme showing how the preparation works is presented in the picture below.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to prevent contamination from spreading and clean it, regardless of the fact that it is a historical contamination with very low concentrations of contaminants. The remediation process can be performed in situ.
One of the most complex remediation projects that have been recently carried out in Europe with the use of PlumeStop, was the removal of CHC plumes (chlorinated solvents) prevailing in upper (at the depth of 5-10 m) and lower (at the depth of 17-20 m) aquifers, situated in Bologna in the area of one of the busiest railway stations in Italy, with 58 million passengers passing through it every year. Because of low concentrations of contaminants, their wide range and location, the removal of the contamination had been previously said to be impossible. Only the use of liquid activated carbon made fast and cost-effective removal of contamination plumes viable

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